Become a football pioneer

Increase your supporters' federation's professionalism and bring together all of your fan clubs in one easy-to-use digital platform.

Zero-hassle ticketing

Distribute game tickets and packages easily, instantly.

Easy fan club management

Manage your member base, payments, calendar, ... all in one platform.

Ultimate fan club experience

Give your members the professional fan club experience they deserve.

Together we win the match / Together we win the match /

Together we win the match / Together we win the match /

Together we win the match / Together we win the match /

Together we win the match / Together we win the match /

Together we win the match / Together we win the match /

Together we win the match / Together we win the match /

Members & payments

From communicating with fanclubs to administration and collecting payments: match ticket distribution requires a lot of time and effort. What if there was a way to do it all more effectively and efficiently? Well, there is now. Request your demo!

FanForce: the ultimate fan club experience

FanForce combines everything you need to distribute tickets in one handy app. But that’s not all! It also creates an exceptional experience for fan clubs and their members. Less chaos, more fun!

Want to join the football fan club community?

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How do I create my own fan club portal in FanForce?

First download the FanForce app for FREE and create your personal profile. Afterwards, you can easily create your own fan club portal and invite your fan club members to join your fan club in FanForce.

How can members of my fan club join my fan club portal?

When you have created a fan club portal, you can easily invite your members through the app to join your fan club in FanForce. Of course, your members must first download the app themselves for FREE and create a personal profile. Conversely, your members can also apply to join your FanForce fan club themselves.

Can non-members also request tickets via the FanForce fan club portal?

As the person responsible for your fan club, you indeed also have the option to add non-members of your fan club to the FanForce group. That is why we have provided 2 statutes for members: member and non-member. This way you can always give priority to regular members during ticket distribution, but you can also grant non-members a ticket if you have too many tickets for a particular match. FanForce wants to help and support fan clubs, but the ultimate responsibility remains with the board of your fan club.

As a fan club, can I help determine what features will be added to FanForce in the future?

Definitely! Let us know which functionality(s) you would like to see appear in FanForce in the future and we will see if this is possible. In this way we continue to build the ideal application for fan clubs and their members together!

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